Fulbourn is just over four miles south-east of the centre of Cambridge. The village is separated from the city by the grounds of Fulbourn Hospital and a green belt area comprising farmland. It is roughly centred in the administrative Parish of Fulbourn which extends West to the city boundary at Cherry Hinton, incorporating the Beechwoods housing estate, the Tesco superstore and Capital Park, North along the Caudle ditch to the Wilbraham river, East along Fleam Dyke to the A11 in the South East and South to the Roman Road.

Parish Boundary

Economic growth of Cambridge and it surrounding area is creating enormous pressure for new housing and infrastructure close to the City. Fulbourn is impacted by this pressure. Two major new potential developments have recently been granted outline planning permission and the pressure to add further housing and related infrastructure continues. 

In 2007-2009 a working group supported by Fulbourn Parish Council developed a Parish Plan, incorporating a number of action plans for the village which were adopted by the Parish Council and other community groups to enhance facilities for the community.  The Parish Plan also included observations and preferences related to Planning matters but these have no statutory force in respect of Planning decisions.

The Localism Act 2011 is an Act of Parliament that facilitated the devolution of decision-making  powers from central government control to individuals and communities. One opportunity enabled by this Act is for communities to develop a Neighbourhood Plan to guide Planning decisions that impact the community.

Following a public meeting convened by the Parish Council on 7th March 2018, the Council agreed to support the setting up of a Neighbourhood Plan covering the Parish of Fulbourn.

The Townley Trust and the Fulbourn Forum agreed to coordinate the development of the Plan on behalf of the Parish Council.

A number of open meetings have been held to date to seek support from interested members of the community and develop a working plan. Participation is open to anyone with a direct interest in the future development of Fulbourn.

Minutes of the meetings and other relevant documents can be access via the Documents page of this web site.