Next Plan Meeting – Thursday 6th June

The next plan meeting will be held in the Meeting Room
at the Fulbourn Centre on Thursday 6th June at 7.30. This is an open meeting and everyone with an interest in the plan is invited to attend.


1 Apologies

2 Notes of meeting held on 23rd April

3 Matters arising:  Progress on Local Plan
Feedback on leaflet
Feedback from Annual Parish Meeting

4 Technology: Website updating
Any further support?

5 Village Design Statement: update

6 Funding

7 Attendance at Community Market, Feast

8 Questions: proposed for leaflet with PUMP
      on-line opportunity

9 Urban Silence feedback:
Relationship from Vision to Objectives to Policies
Each Group to define their Objectives

10 Project Structure: Social Issues Group
   Drafting Group

11 Reports from Groups: Social Issues

12 Archiving papers.

13 AOB  – Date of next meetings: Team
Drafting Group

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