Next Plan Meeting – Thursday 6th June

The next plan meeting will be held in the Meeting Room
at the Fulbourn Centre on Thursday 6th June at 7.30. This is an open meeting and everyone with an interest in the plan is invited to attend.


1 Apologies

2 Notes of meeting held on 23rd April

3 Matters arising:  Progress on Local Plan
Feedback on leaflet
Feedback from Annual Parish Meeting

4 Technology: Website updating
Any further support?

5 Village Design Statement: update

6 Funding

7 Attendance at Community Market, Feast

8 Questions: proposed for leaflet with PUMP
      on-line opportunity

9 Urban Silence feedback:
Relationship from Vision to Objectives to Policies
Each Group to define their Objectives

10 Project Structure: Social Issues Group
   Drafting Group

11 Reports from Groups: Social Issues

12 Archiving papers.

13 AOB  – Date of next meetings: Team
Drafting Group

Recent Activity

A number of working group meetings have been held in January:

  • Steering Group – 7th January
  • Economics Group – 17th January
  • Environmental Group – 23rd January

Notes of these meetings can be found in the Documents Archive

The timeline for developing the plan has been updated and can be found here.

Next Steering Group Meeting

The Steering Group will meet on the 7th January at 7:30pm in the Fulbourn Centre. The meeting is open to everyone in the village. The proposed agenda will include discussion of the following items: 

  • Publicity of the Neighbourhood Plan activity including the Web site; a Communications & Engagement Plan; Leaflet Drop; use of Social Media
  • Reports from the working groups: Social Issues; Economics; Environment
  • Village Design Statement Progress
  • Budget

Social Issues Group Meeting

The Social Issues Working Group will be meeting on Thursday 13th December at 7:30pm in the Fulbourn Centre. Everyone is welcome. The proposed agenda is:

  1. Apologies
  2. Notes of meeting held on 10th October
  3. Progress on actions
  4. Next stages:
    • Education
    • Transport
    • Policing
  5. Project budget
  6. AOB

Economics Group Meeting

The Economics working group is meeting next Monday, 10th December at 7:30 in the Fulbourn Centre. Everyone in the village is welcome to attend.

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Report on Planning developments
  3. Review of draft circular to local businesses
  4. Consideration of trafic implications for village
  5. Possible circular to residents of working situation
  6. AOB

Next Steering Group Meeting Agenda

The Steering Group will meet on the 20th November at 7:30pm in the Fulbourn Centre. The meeting is open to everyone in the village. The proposed agenda is as follows:

  1. Apologies
  2. Notes of the steering group meeting held on 17th September
  3. Any matters arising
  4. Review meeting with SDCD
    – notes of meeting
    – consultation log
  5. Overall progress
  6. Publicity – Mill, Pump, Web Site, Posters, Email etc.
  7. Web site – use, training, list of members
  8. Reports from Working Groups
    – Social Issues
    – Economics
    – Environment
  9. Design Statement Progress
  10. Budget – web site, use of consultants, printing etc.
  11. AOB – date of next meeting

Economics Group Meeting

The Economics working group is meeting next Monday, 12th November at 6:45pm in the Fulbourn Centre. Everyone in the village is welcome to attend.

Proposed Agenda:

  1. Review of the latest situation regarding planning applications and development.
  2. Discussion following the Village Design consultation day.
  3. Report on survey of local business.
  4. Discussion of traffic, both on the High Street and on through roads.
  5. Impact of the increase of people working from home.
  6. AOB

Recent Activities

A review meeting was held with Alison Talkington and Dave Roberts from the SCDC Planning Department. A note of the meeting can be found in the Documents archive. The November report to the Parish Council has also been added to the Documents archive.

Posters have been drafted and are beginning to appear throughout the village. They will be brought to the attention of the Forum and Centre users through e’mails to all members and users.

The three working groups covering Social issues Economic Issues and Environment have begun addressing their respective issues.

Under Social Issues the senior partner in the surgery has arranged a meeting with the NHS company owning the surgery to discuss its future. Contacts have also been established with the police and will be followed up at the appropriate time. A questionnaire has been drafted regarding Community and Recreation Facilities and will be distributed shortly.

Economics group has met twice and is considering how to review possible planning developments, drafting a survey for Businesses in the village, and considering whether a consultant regarding traffic flows may be helpful.

The Environment Group has yet to meet. This has been deferred later in the process as the priority is being given to the Village Design Statement Project. There is an opportunity to join the team undertaking the Design Statement starting with a walking tour of the village starting at the Fulbourn Centre at 12:30 on 7th November 2018.

Please join the next team/open meeting at the Fulbourn Centre on Tuesday 20th November at 7.30pm, all welcome.

Recent Activities

There have been a number of recent developments since the web site was launched at the beginning of September:

  1. The three working groups have started to consider their respective issues. The names of the working group members are now listed on the respective page on this site and the reports are available in the Working Group Meeting Notes archive on the Documents page. If you have any comments or would like to get in touch with one of the Working Groups please submit a comment via the Contacts page or just reply to this post.

  2. An open planning meeting was held on 17th September to review progress and consider the next steps. The notes of this meeting are also available in the the Working Group Meeting Notes archive on the Documents page. The next open meeting will be held on 20th November at 7:30 in the Fulbourn Centre. 

  3. South Cambridge District Council has adopted the new South Cambridgeshire Local Plan (2018). The Local Plan now forms part of the development plan against which decisions on planning matters across South Cambridgeshire will be taken. The Local Plan can be accessed on the SCDC web site at the following link: South Cambridgeshire Local Plan (2018). The South Cambridge Local Plan (2018) designates Fulbourn as a Minor Local Settlement defined as follows:

    Minor Rural Centres have a lower level of services, facilities and employment than Rural Centres, but a greater level than most other villages in Soutgh Cambridgeshire, and often perform a role in terms of providing services and facilities for a small rural hinterland.

    Within Minor Rural Centres there is scope in principle for larger scale windfall development within the village framework. This would allow larger villages with a reasonable level of services to provide services and facilities for surrounding smaller villages to achieve more development. However, the overall scale of development should be restricted in recognition of their more limited services compared to Rural Centres. A maximum scheme size of 30 dwellings is used as a guideline figure to indicate the upper limit of housing development likely to be suitable. Development will not be permitted on sites capable of accommodating scheme sizes significantly larger than 30 dwellings in Minor Rural Centres.